Hello! I am a fifth grade teacher at Red Mill! Hopefully we can all learn something new together today!

Wordle: Miss Morningstar
Here are some websites I find helpful:
Art Lessons Online - for when there's no time for Famous Artist
Vokis are fast and easy to make.
Scribble Maps
The name says it all - very fun.
Academic Games
Check out the upper level math games. Click on the next link to show your students how to play these games on their Wii at home!
Wii Play
Protractor Practice
Here are some Voicethreads my class made. Your IIA can make student accounts for you : )
My School Web Site
Google Maps
Google maps are way cool. I'll show you how to get a personal look at Hershey Park!
Just for fun - the black google.
Online Stopwatch
Teacher Tube
You Tube for Teachers.
Word Art
Beautiful Pictures
This photo blog is great for desktop pictures

You can also do this with your whiteboard:

Try this with iClickers

Don't forget about Easiteach!

The most simple review to make - also easy to print for slower writers.

I used this organizer with a video, played the video, then returned to the organizer.

Recreate an organizer from your teacher's manual.

This chapter review was easy to make and fun to use.

This is what I use for morning work - Daily Proofreading

Take care of your computer - it's your most important teaching tool!