Installing RM EasiTeach:
1. Insert the CD into the CD drive. A CD icon labeled ‘RM Easiteach’ appears on the desktop.
2. Double-click the CD icon to open the CD.
3. Double-click the ‘Install RM Easiteach’ icon to open the RM Easiteach installer. Click Continue.
4. Confirm agreement with the terms of the License Agreement by clicking Continue and Agree.
5. Choose the destination for installing RM Easiteach. Click Continue to proceed with the installation.
6. On the next screen, click Install and enter your password to activate the installation. The process will take a few minutes.
7. When the installation is complete, click Close to Quit.
8. Eject the CD.
9.To run RM Easiteach, open the RM Easiteach folder in the Applications folder (or where you chose to install RM Easiteach). Double-click the RM Easiteach application icon to launch the program.
10. Drag the RM Easiteach application from the applications folder onto the Dock, if you wish.

The RM Easiteach site:

A video about what Easiteach is:


A sample EasiTeach file for practice

A handout for use with the EasiTeach file above

How to make boxes to hide answer, words, numbers, etc:

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