Discovery Education

Use Safari (browser on MAC) for greater ease with downloading.

Use quick or advanced search to find what you need. You can search by keyword, subject area, grade level, curriculum standards, etc.

Viewing videos:
You can click on the video you wish to view and it will open using Quicktime. You can play it and pause it using the space bar. You can also go to view and choose "enter full screen."

When you pause the video you can then draw on the image.

Saving Videos to My Content:
You can choose full length videos or video segments by clicking in the small box on the right of the download icon. Then you can click on add to my content at the bottom. When you do this, you can also add a new folder so that you can organize the videos for later use.

Downloading videos:
Find the video you wish to download. Hold down the ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the filmstrip icon. Choose to "download linked files as" so you can name it appropriately. It will save as a Quicktime file.

DE Images:
Any images found on DE can be used for class projects. You will just need to cite Discovery Education.

Curriculum Standards/Teacher Guides/Worksheets:
When you mouse over a video on you main search results page, you will be able to preview the video. You may also find teacher's guides and worksheets that you can download. Many of the videos also have PA curriculum standards listed.

This is an interactive world atlas. It allows you to choose any country. Then is supplies informational video clips about the culture, history, government and natural world.

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